Movies: “Passion”, “The day will come” and „Side Effects“


That is the point: The American Christine (Rachel McAdams) is a smart and ambitious executive in the Berlin branch of an international advertising company. Their major collaborator Isabelle (NoomiRapace) is ensnared in her manipulative power games and uses the increasingly intimate relationship for off – it does not scare even hesitate to spend the creative ideas of subordinate colleague as their own. After several years of hiatus, thriller specialist versa Brian De Palma returns to his favourite genre and makes “Passion” a virtuoso staged, but standing on shaky ground.

“The day will come”

The fact that Jean-Pierre (Albert Dupontel) and Ben (BenoîtPoelvoorde) are brothers, you would never believe. While Jean-Pierre as a pinched mattress seller leads a bourgeois existence , Ben is known as the oldest “punks with dogs” of Europe, bearing his new name of “need” as a tattoo on the forehead, through the pedestrian streets and lives according to the “No Future” philosophy. Occasionally, the brothers meet with their parents; otherwise, they go out of the way. However, as Jean-Pierre loses his job and a little later in the day family and mind, he tattooed his new name “Dead” on the forehead and approaches to the lifestyle of his brother. With its wonderfully sassy anarchic comedy, “The day
will come” demonstrate BenoîtDelépine and GustaveKervern impressive how close are genius and madness.

„Side Effects“

The bankers Martin Taylor (Channing Tatum) and his wife Emily (Rooney Mara) are young, handsome and rich: They have a magnificent house, fancy cars and a yacht. My life could not be any nicer, but then everything collapses when Martin is arrested for insider trading and sentenced to four years in prison. Emily needs to move into a small apartment in Manhattan and take a job. It is hard for her to get used to it compared to the previous luxury modest new life and she falls into depression. Steven Soderbergh turns to the psychological thriller “Side Effects” again right. In his supposedly last movie, he sends his alleged by the outstanding Rooney Mara Starring squad into an abyss of intrigue and deceit, and the audience he caught with. Perfectly threaded twists and turns more than once on the wrong foot.

Top 10 tips of interesting films that are still running in theatres

Movie of the Week: „Star Trek Into Darkness“

That is the point: The crew of the star ship “Enterprise” is in the vastness of the universe go. The crew of Captain James T. Kirk (violates Chris Pine, however) twice against the Prime Directive of the Federation: non-interference in the affairs of other cultures and species. Back on Earth of 23 Century, he has to answer for it. His mentor Admiral Pike (Bruce Greenwood) deprives him of the command of the “Enterprise” and puts him back to the rank of first lieutenant. However, the turmoil of a devastating terrorist attack, the London shaken should change everything. Behind the attack is a former high-ranking Starfleet officer John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Recent award for Michael Haneke

Haneke was in Europe in recent years with his oeuvre already highly successful and as a regular guest on the Croisette. Equal to his cinema debut “The Seventh Continent” was over there in 1989 in a side rail. The violence shocker “Funny Games” was finally in 1997 after 35 years of the first Austrian competition entry at Cannes, the film “Code Inconnu” (2000) and “Time of the Wolf” (2003) were discussed controversially at the festival.

For Jelinek film “The Piano” with Isabelle Huppert, there were on the Cote d’Azur 2001 Grand Jury Prize, for “cache” in 2005 the Best Director Award for “The White Ribbon” and “Amour” last two golden palm trees in a row.As Haneke was from France, for his film “Seeking Truth „he spoke of his “great admiration for French culture.” He had a “long love affair with France,” said the filmmaker.However, Haneke grew up in Wiener Neustadt and study philosophy and psychology in Vienna. From 1967 to 1971, he worked as editor and dramatistin Baden.

Beginning of the 1970-s, he had made its debut as a stage director at the city theatre in Baden-Baden – „Whole days in the trees” by Marguerite DurasHaneke. This was followed by theatre productions in Darmstadt, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. 2006 – at that time for four years professor of directing at the Vienna Film Academy – he was exactly at Mozart’s 250th Birthday at the Paris Opera debut as an opera director: With its modern production of “Don Giovanni”, he split the audience.

Movies: “Iron Man 3″ and “The Purge”

In earlier films, Iron Man still fighting against real people for example, in the second part, against the son of a Russian inventor who wanted to reclaim the glory. In addition, the palladium core of his implanted reactor he threatened to poison him gradually. These dangers are now banned.Still under the impression of experience in the movie “The Avengers,” where he was first, now there are new characters – people who burn inside. They withstand to the annealing, steel beams. So far these beings can rekindle their fire, they explode like a lethal bomb, only to be resurrected shortly thereafter unscathed from the flames again.

To blame for this mess is Iron Man. “We create our own demons”, recognizes the purified Tony in part three. The demon is in his case, a clumsy man who wanted to sell him more than ten years ago a business idea.This plan mainly threatened Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Tony’s great love. In great danger even, she slips even in the super suit and can feel as Iron Woman, if only for a short time. However, that it does not matter, because the technology is not reliable anyway.The film shows clearly that the greatest achievements are only made by humans and in the end, only one thing is important – the inner strength.Iron Man takes the pitfalls of technology with humour. At the end, he makes a consistent decision and dismiss the audience with gentle melancholy.

Once a year, crimes are legal: First trailer for the thriller “The Purge” with Ethan Hawke

How to protect yourself when crimes for twelve hours legally? James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) warp for this time just with his family in his fortress. Whether that is safe, you can see in the first trailer for the thriller “The Purge” with Lena Headey. To be the prevailing American crime lord, the U.S. government is a radical measure – for a period of twelve hours crimes once a year legally. The PSAP off that night and every citizen can pursue his criminal desires, whether he has theft or murder in mind. James Sandin (Ethan Hawke), his wife Mary (Lena Headey) and the children barricade themselves at this time in their luxurious home.

However, one of their offspring can a fugitive in their fortress, which is a devastating chain of events into force.